Yoga with Eliana

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Yoga with Eliana

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What we KNOW is merely a beginning. How we LIVE and EMBODY what we know is the challenge that catches most of us! Rare is the person whose actions in life are a reflection of their deepest wisdom. More often, it’s the unconscious patterns developed in early life, old beliefs, and perceived limitations that tend to govern how we behave.

living the wisdom

One who lives the wisdom is able to act and relate from a place of equanimity, and bases their actions on the wisdom, which they have gained. Living the wisdom is inner freedom; we are no longer stuck in our limitations and habitual patterns.

Yoga asana, when practiced in a state of alertness, with an in-depth connection to energy flow and inner sensations, can directly support the development of this inner freedom, to LIVE the wisdom we gain. This summons the experience we all long for, which is fulfillment and happiness.


In the west, what has come to be known as “yoga,” is the physical practice of asana with breath and meditation. This is a powerful experience for most people, and it holds numerous benefits, both physical and emotional.

What many have yet to discover is that YOGA is an ancient science of transformation of consciousness. This transformation is the happiness we all seek.

Eliana Baccas is a presence. The workshop affected me deeply, both in my physical yoga practice and in my spiritual development. I didn't want the session to end. Eliana brought so much to a three-hour class: warmth, yogic philosophy, asana practice. She is among the best, and the session was amazing.

- Workshop Participant

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